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How Do Hotels Make Their Beds So Comfortable

Nothing is better than sleeping in a fluffy hotel bed. Hotel beds are more luxurious than our home beds. They have layering of sheets, soft and airy mattress, comfortable comforters, and multiple pillows. Hotels have done a lot of research and they have tested their beds in order to make sure that the guest gets their perfect night sleep.
There are some specific tricks that the best hotels use to make their guests feel like they are sinking into the clouds.

Making it All White

Mostly hotels avoid using colorful bedding in their rooms. Color has a massive impact on human mind. White color bedding indicates calmness, cleanliness and a feeling of comfort on the minds of the guest. All of the well-known hotels features entirely whites in their hotel for decades and they are stick to this color scheme for the sake of maintenance of luxury in their hotels.

Using Good Quality Mattress

Hotels use high-quality mattresses either of foam or feather. It all depends upon their personal preference. There are various tricks that keep mattresses fresh for years like sprinkling baking soda over the top of the mattress and after some time vacuuming it off. It freshens the mattress. Hotel management knows a lot of tips like this to keep their mattress new.

Plenty of Pillows

Hotels heavenly beds always offer an array of pillows. Guests might only use one but for the matter of coziness, they add more to it. Hotel beds usually include two fiber filled pillows, two pillows with feathers and down and a decorative pillow which add comfort factor to your sleep.

Over Sized Bed Sheet

No matter in which hotel you stay in, you might have noticed one common thing among all the beds. That is, that all the beds are covered with an over sized luxurious bed sheet instead of the fitted one. An over sized bed sheet offers a smooth and unwrinkled surface for sleeping.

Luxury Sheets

Hotel beds generally have their mattresses covered with at least three luxurious sheets. One sheet that is fitted, the middle sheet which makes the bed flat and the topmost sheet which you can touch.

Good and well-known hotels use sheets with a higher thread count (generally up to three hundred or more). Higher the amount of thread count, softer and comfy the sheet will be.

Most of the luxurious and lavish sheets are made up of Egyptian cotton.


Down Blankets

Hotel bed’s opulent bedding generally consists of various layers. Hence, they prefer a light weighted down blanket. They enhance the sumptuous bedding effect and promises the perfect sleep for guest.

More and More Layers

Hotels have a trick to layer up their bed with luxurious and crisp sheets, with a number of luscious pillows and super soft covers that make up the heavenly luxury bed.

Several elements that make up a luxury hotel bed are mentioned below:

  • Heavenly bed.
  • Feather or foam mattress.
  • Fitted luxury sheet.
  • Flat luxury sheet.
  • Top luxury sheet.
  • One down blanket.
  • Two fiber filled pillows with cover.
  • Two feather and down pillows with cover.
  • One decorative pillow with cover.

In a Nutshell

Hotels spend a lot of time studying on what type of bedding products they should use. Hotel design department usually invests a large sum of money to ensure the perfect sleep experience for their guests. A sound sleep is a hotel’s key product and hotel management cannot ignore it. They use a number of quality products like a mattress pad, heavenly bed, bed linens and pillow-top mattresses to ensure the sound sleep of their guests.

How Do Hotels Make Their Beds So Comfortable
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