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Does Raising The Head Of The Bed Help Snoring?

Snoring is a problem in the common household and among couples for a variety of reasons. Snoring is perceived as annoying and can cause disruption and disturbance to those around you. People who snore disturb bed partner from having a sound sleep and can even cause wake up sometimes because the airway can get blocked and halts breathing.
A more sophisticated term associated with the snoring symptoms is sleep apnea. There have been many proposed solutions and oral appliances available to reduce snoring. These are preventive measures which cannot guarantee eradication of snoring. One way to prevent snoring is to use an adjustable bed or mattress which can alleviate snoring.

What Does An Adjustable Bed Do?

In modern times, there is a dire need for beds that can help people sit upright and even help them sleep upright. An adjustable bed helps do just that. Usually, if you have ever visited any hospital, you might have noticed that those beds or wards are usually adjustable in the sense that these beds can be raised to a particular level and so as to attain comfort and convenience. The inclined bed keeps your head elevated and prevent undue pressure off the upper airway.

Raising The Head of The Bed Help Snoring

What Causes Snoring?

While there isn’t a particular answer to this question as there is an array of reasons why snoring occurs in the average Joe, there are a few hunches why you may be having it. From a medical perspective, the reason that we snore so loudly during the night is that our nasal passages get partially blocked causing you to breathe faster for air and oxygen. The nasal strips get blocked due to certain muscles that relax a little too much while you sleep.

When you fall asleep on your back, the gravity of the Earth pulls down your organs such as the tongue, tonsils, and palate. This causes the airways to get further blocked and creates a tight passageway where very rough vibrations are then made and heard which come out as snores. There exist several reasons why you snore, however, this is the most common one among the average person.

Does Changing The Position Of The Torso Help?

There is countless research that supports the fact that raising or elevating the head and torso can alleviate snoring and prevent it. There are several experiments and reports that dictate snoring people to raise their head and neck while they sleep.

Most people usually use a stack of tall pillows below their head to elevate it or sit upright on the bed and try to fall asleep. If you have ever tried doing this, you will know for sure that these positions are not very comfortable and can cause further back pain and neck pain.

Does An Adjustable Bed Really Help To Alleviate Snoring?

This question again brings us to a disclaimer which we have mentioned earlier that snoring can be caused by several reasons and it is difficult to place your finger on one exact reason without the consultation of a doctor. However, if the reason for your snoring problem is because of an acid reflux problem while you sleep, then we can say, without a doubt, that an adjustable bed can alleviate the snores.

Raising the level of the bed can help greatly because the elevated position of the torso will help keep the acid reflux below the throat. However, we must warn you; if in any case, your head tilts downward then this can result in a restricted air passageway. So, an elevated head has the potential to relieve you from the snores, however, it is never a sure-fire way of preventing them.

However, it is important to point out that modern adjustable beds now have a safety feature built into them (see ​sleep number beds good for snoring) that allows you to effectively sit upright on the bed while giving ample support to the neck and back. The bed warns you or stops midway when it knows that the slanting position of the bed is enough to keep snoring at bay. This can eliminate the situation where you are in potential danger when your chin moves slightly towards your body.

Which Sleeping Position Is The Best To Keep Snores At Bay?

You may or may not know this but the best position for your body, while you sleep, is definitely not on your back. Sleeping on your back can cause a lot of complications which include snores at the top of the list. Even with an adjustable bed, we would not recommend you to sleep on your back. Instead, try sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your side has numerous benefits which include prevention of snores, decreased chances of heartburn and acid reflux.

Wrap up

While different people snore due to different reasons, it is important that you understand the need to elevate the level of the bed while you sleep. For more than 90 percent of the people, it has been proven that raising the bed can cause prevention of snores and can also prevent heartburns and other complications.

Does Raising The Head Of The Bed Help Snoring?
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