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Do Sleep Number Beds Help With Snoring?

Who does not like to sleep calmly? Almost 60-70% of people snore habitually or occasionally. Snoring occurs when the tissues of the airway vibrate. This is because of the blockage in the nose, mouth, and throat. It interrupts the sleeping and can be dangerous sometimes. Thus, it has negative impacts on relationships, health and sleeping patterns. There are some medicines for overcoming this but they have not proven to be successful.
An adjustable base is becoming popular for overcoming snoring. These are very effective if you have the moderate or occasional problem of snoring. Though they are commonly used for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, it is quite useful for occasional snoring problems as well.

One of these is the sleep number. Let’s read on to check if it is really helpful for this.

Is There Any Bed that offers Solution For Snore?

Raising the head to almost 6 degrees can reduce snoring. This is because it opens the nasal strip and airway temporarily. This allows the air to pass through the nose and throat without vibrating the tissues. Many bed manufacturing companies now offer beds with adjustability options.

From some of the options is the sleep number. It puts snoring to an end at a greater level. It has adjustable bases on both sides thus helping to achieve a good level for sleeping. But, does it really help with snoring is what we will be discussing here. Sleep number has manufactured its classic series, Sleep Number 360® i7 smart bed, 360® i8 smart bed. Other than these, 360® Ile and 360® i10 Ile smart beds are also there in limited edition.

  • The sleep number classic series:

This includes Sleep number 360® c2 and 360® c4 smart beds. Both of them offer dual adjustability.

  • The sleep number performance series:

This series includes Sleep number 369® p5 and 360® p6 smart bed. They also offer the dual adjustability settings.

  • The sleep number innovation series:

The innovation series include Sleep number 360® i7 smart bed and 360® i8 smart bed. They offer adjustability settings on both sides along with other comfortable features.

  • The sleep number limited edition series:
 Sleep number 360® ile and 360® i10 smart bed are in this category. They are also offering dual adjustability.

What Sleep Number Has To Offer?

Sleep number mattresses are adjustable. They have this feature in their Performance Series and Innovation Series. This allows adjustability on both sides of the bed. They come with the FlexFit™ 2 and FlexFit™ 3 technologies.

These technologies are basically for changing the level of adjustment. The raising of height decreases the difficulty which air flow faces. This lets the air to flow through the nose and throat.

The Adjustability of Sleep Number Smart Bed Helps

This adjustability helps you with snoring. Snoring is directly related to some breathing patterns. There is difficulty in breathing patterns when air can’t move freely through throat and nose. Raising the head to a little higher level can reduce it.

Changing the level of your partner’s side can help to reduce his snoring. This is possible by the Sleep Number’s FlexFit™ 2 and FlexFit™ 3 technologies. Turning the level up helps them to breathe easily. Snoring is basically the problem of breathing as you sleep. So, raising the level helps a lot in that case.

But, the thing is you will have to wake up in the middle to change the level. So, that won’t make much difference to your regular waking intervals. But, if we consider the overall difference, you can change it for once. So, you would be able to sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.

How Does Sleep Number Smart Bed Help?

At CES® in 2017, the sleep number introduced their 360 smart bed. This bed really improves your sleep quality by eliminating snores. Its sensors detect if you snore at night. It then automatically raises the level of your head to a certain degree i.e. about 7 degrees. This process allows the airflow and you breathe easily. Overall, snoring is reduced.

People who snore actually like its snore feature and are satisfied. Their partner no longer snores due to the elevated sleeping position. The level of adjustment is just perfect which does not disturb any of the sleepers. Overall, sleep number is grabbing much of its customers’ attention as compared to other anti-snoring devices.

Final Thoughts

The adjustable base is a perfect solution to reduce snoring. It helps with snores while maintaining the proper alignment of the rest of your body. Those people who use pillows for this purpose have usually back and neck problems.

This is because their spine is not properly aligned. Adjustable beds relieve pressure on your joints. Thus, it keeps you comfortable and relaxed. Adjustable beds keep you in a perfect position to avoid snoring back in the night.

Sleep number has proven to be a successful bed in this regard. The customers are happy with the adjustability feature on both sides. This is not only helpful in snoring reduction. You can adjust it for some other activity like reading or watching. All in all, if you really want to wake up refreshed every morning, you need to have an adjustable bed. There would be fewer snores, better sleep, and happy routine.

Do Sleep Number Beds Help With Snoring?
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