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Best Mattresses under 300 dollar

The mattress is an essential part of our sleeping place. They play a crucial role in deciding the final feel of our bed. They can either give us a restful night’s sleep or can make us restless for the whole night. It is the reason that asks us to pay particular attention to our mattresses quality. You can get a variety of these mattresses from many top-notch brands. They claim to deliver everything that you might look for in your foam.
However, their price ranges are also according to their features. Not everyone can spend a hefty amount of them. We can see many people out there looking for some medium solution between the quality and price of products. This post is going to help such people. Here, we are going to include a list of few best mattresses under 300 along with their reviews. Few tips and tricks will also assist you in obtaining the maximum benefit out of your mattress.

Our top pick of Best mattress under 300

Among all our advanced products, the one we will entitle as the winner is Zinus Green Tea Mattress. Its various features combine to make it an outstanding product.

The feature most eminent about Zinus Mattress is its blending of green tea extracts with the memory foam. It aids in keeping this foam fresh for the extended period.

Moreover, this top-class mattress that exists in under-300 category is a heavy-duty product with multiple layers. It gives sleeper pressure relief support, comfort, cooling effect, durability, and fresh feel on the top. It is also Certi-PUR the US certified that makes its foam layers unquestionably safe and healthy.

All these essential attributes together with its medium price attract every buyer looking for mattresses under 300. 

Best mattress under 300

Top 5 Comfortable mattress under 300

Our Opinion on this mattress:

  • Comprise of four layers.
  • check
    Contains green tea extracts.
  • check
    Comes with Certi-PUR US certification.
  • check
    12” thickness.
  • check
    Delivers at your door after being compressed in a box.
  • check
    Contains memory foam.
  • check
    The mattress offers ten years limited warranty.
Best comfortable mattress under 300

In short:

Zinus Green Tea Mattress comes equipped with all the necessary features that can make you sleep comfortably. It is the reason it occupies the top place in our list of recommended mattresses.

With the memory foam layer, it delivers pressure relieving support by contouring each part of sleeper’s body. Moreover, this foam together with its second layer gives immense comfort.


Despite having memory foam, it doesn’t make a person sleep hot. Instead, its layers allow proper flow of air to regulate temperature. Furthermore, the fusion of tea tree extracts adds more benefits of freshness to this mattress.  

 The durability, high-class performance, and third party’s verification are other affirmative aspects of this Zinus product.

What can you expect from a good mattress? It is an adequate combination of all attributes that can assist you in sleeping contentedly. It is what you will get in this under-discussion Zinus Mattress.

With the total thickness of 12 inches, this mattress sustains its shape for the more extended period. It contains four layers with different foam types along with the knitted jacquard cover. Each layer is destined to deliver its specific purpose.   

The top layer gives being the memory foam mattress contours the body and assists in providing pressure-relieving support. The lower two layers deliver proper airflow along with the comfort and support. 

The foam layer at the bottom is the thickest serves the purpose of giving sturdiness, firmness, and stability to the mattress. You can get medium firmness from this mattress. 

Furthermore, an amalgamation of tea tree extracts in its memory foam layer is considered as its additional boon. It will keep your product fresh for the extended period. Other than freshness, it always feels good to have natural products in your surroundings. 

For ensuring the sleeper's peace of mind, it is tested thoroughly from Certi-PUR US laboratory and marked safe and free from chemicals.

Not only will you get a product with multiple features, but also a good warranty by manufacturers. The company backs this mattress and offers the worry-free limited warranty for the whole ten years. 

However, besides all the benefits, some people have also experienced some difficulties with it. According to a few people, the mattress wasn’t expanded to its full thickness after opening. Some critical reviews were also related to its initial smell.

 The initial smell issue is widespread among bed in box mattresses. It dissipates after some time. Other than these minor issues, overall this is one fantastic mattress that beats other for its remarkable features and trivial price range.

Our Opinion on this mattress:

  • Contains 13 inches thickness.
  • check
    Comprise five layers.
  • check
    The top cover is made up of Polyester Jacquard Fabric.
  • check
    Includes temperature regulating gel.
  • check
    Weighs 95 pounds.
  • check
    Memory foam mattress comes along with spring foam.
  • check
    Available in Full, King and Queen size.
Olee Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress (Queen)

In short:

This Olee Sleep Galaxy Hybrid Mattress is another firm mattress with the affordable price range. On purchasing this mattress, you will get 13 inches thick mattress. It will arrive at you compressed and packed in a box.

It contains five layers made up of different foam types. The significant aspects of these layers are memory foam, gel infusion, and pocket spring mattress. All these elements work together to give you comfort, temperature regulation, and pressure relief benefits. 

Other than its versatile foam construction, the top cover further adds to its benefits. It is made up of a smooth fabric that is Polyester Jacquard.

The Olee Sleep Galaxy Hybrid Mattress is another first-class mattress under 300. Being a part of this list its price range is affordable for sure. What other benefits/drawbacks you can experience? We will discuss here.

As it contains five different foam layers, it delivers various benefits to the sleeper. There are three elements used in its construction to make it competitive. These are pocket-encased spring foam, memory foam, and gel infusion.

The memory foam contours very well according to your body shape and delivers support and comfort to every part. However, the infusion of temperature regulatory gel takes its benefit to the next level. It keeps the temperature at the optimum level without compromising your comfort.

The tempered steel independently-encased coils also play their role in contouring each curve of your body. In this way, it delivers strong support to critical parts like shoulders, neck, back, and others exposed to chronic pains.

One more advantage you can get from independently encased coils is motion isolation. It prevents motion effects to transfer to other parts of the bed. This attribute is particularly useful for couples or for those people who sleep with kids and pets.

Though you can purchase this mattress at an affordable price, its durability is not less than others by any mean. All of its coils are covered with multi HD and memory foam layers, which give extreme comfort and improved performance. 

However, among many positive reviews, few have also given few negative responses. The primary reason behind was again irritating smell that stays in the starting days with the mattress. Few also complained about the appearance of crease anywhere in the mattress due to compression it faced for shipping.

Besides these necessary things that can happen to any top-class product too, this mattress is a good purchase for its price and incredible support. 

Our Opinion on this mattress:

  • It comes with a Bamboo cover.
  • check
    Contains thickness of 13 inches.
  • check
    It is available in all sizes.
  • check
    Includes multiple layers.
  • check
    Comes equipped with cooling technology gel.
  • check
    Breathable and removable cover.
  • check
    Backed with ten years warranty.
  • check
    Delivers in compressed packaging.
Swiss Ortho Sleep 13

In short:

This Swiss Ortho Sleep mattress is another remarkable product in our list. Its unique construction with high-density foams makes it stand among other products.

It comes with the total thickness of 13 inches with multiple layers. The memory foam layers, cooling gel, and high-density base foams work together to deliver some different benefits.  

Moreover, its top cover is made up of bamboo material. You will experience colossal comfort, support, and cooling sensation while sleeping on this mattress. There are four different sizes available in this mattress. The warranty of 10 years also backs this mattress.

In our list of best mattresses under 300 dollars, this Swiss Ortho Sleep Mattress is one outstanding product. It delivers multiple benefits to the users. Its construction material plays a vital role in providing what it claims to its users. On the whole, it makes use of density foam, memory foam and cooling gel to fulfill its job.

Among its three layers, the top-most is two inches thick memory foam layer with the cooling gel. It gives comfort and contouring effects while keeping the body temperature at its optimum level. Unlike other mattresses, it contains 9” thick comfort layer to ensure supreme relaxation. It also comes with 2” thick High-Density Foam. It adds support and firmness to this mattress. 

Other than its foam layers, its top cover is made up of bamboo material. With its white color, it gives the feeling of serenity and freshness. Moreover, its protection is breathable and removable too. It can be maintained easily while keeping sleeper cool during all type of weather conditions.

You can purchase this mattress for any of your bed size including Twin, Full, Queen, and King. The company delivers it directly to your home in an easy compressed packing. You will need a few days to get it back entirely to its original shape.  

According to customers' reviews, most of the people find it super comfy and reasonable for its price. However, few people had faced some problems as well. These issues were majorly related to its being too soft. Also, it doesn't provide adequate edge support. We can see from its construction layer that it aims primarily to offer comfort and a soft feel.

 Therefore, this attribute makes it suitable for those looking for some more comfortable and soft sleeping place. People who are heavy sleepers or want a firmer option would not find it according to their requirements.

Our Opinion on this mattress:

  • 8 inches thickness.
  • check
    Made up of memory foam and innerspring mattress.
  • check
    Delivers medium-firm feel.
  • check
    Comes with comfy cover.
  • check
    Comes with ten years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • check
    Suitable for all sleeping positions.
Linenspa 8 inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress - King

In short:

This Linenspa Hybrid Mattress offers various benefits to the sleeper. As it is a hybrid mattress, it combines the benefit of memory foam and innerspring foam. Both these components offer to contour to your body along with great support and firmness.

Its top cover is slightly different than others available in the market.

Linenspa has integrated a soft layer of memory foam with a knit-fabric mattress cover. In this way, its cover also plays a vital role in delivering comfort to the sleeper.  

 With the smooth delivery and ten years manufacturer's warranty, this Linenspa Hybrid Mattresses is going to serve you for the extended period.

This Linenspa Hybrid Mattress in our best mattresses under-300 list is another remarkable mattress. With its tricky construction, it has incorporated the benefits of two different foam types. In the result, what sleeper gets is a peaceful sleeping experience.

The Linenspa has added 1.5 inches memory foam to provide comfort and softness to the sleeper. It also delivers contouring effects by going along each curve of the sleeper. Support is not everything associated with mattresses. Therefore, they have added innerspring foam as well. 

The 6 inches thick layer of conventional innerspring provides support and firmness to the mattress. Moreover, as it makes mattress firm, it prevents a sleeper from sinking inside. In this way, you can get a bouncy effect from the mattress as well. It also distributes the weight of sleeper all over the mattress in a smooth way and improves breathability. 

Innerspring mattress also assists in increasing the lifespan of your mattress. Its top cover also serves in providing comfort. It possesses a memory foam layer inside its soft fabric.  

Besides all its benefits, purchasing these mattresses is also very convenient. You have to place the order. It will be delivered to your home packed inside a box. The manufacturer also offers a warranty for a whole ten years for any producers' defects.

Regarding its drawbacks, few people have a complaint about its being too firm. Also, heavy sleepers were not able to get comfortable sleep. It is because of its thin memory foam layer that doesn’t work for bulky people.

 These problems, however, are related to an individual’s requirements. For some people, it gives perfect feel, and for others, it is too firm. Other than this issue, on the whole, this Linenspa product is going to ensure peaceful night sleep.

Our Opinion on this mattress topper:

  • Comes with breathable cover.
  • check
    It can be flipped.
  • check
    Contains Certi-PUR US certification.
  • check
    Comes with 8 inches thickness.
  • check
    Free of hazardous chemicals.
  • check
    Comes in different sizes.
  • check
    7 inches thick coil layer.
  • check
    Coils are independently encased.
  • check
    Its weight is 68.2 pounds.
Signature Sleep Mattress, Queen Mattress, 8 Inch Hybrid Reversible Mattress, Queen

In short:

This last product in our list of best mattresses under $300 is Signature Sleep Mattress. Like all other suggested items, this one is also constructed using different foam types.

The underlying layer in this mattress is a coil layer that provides support and firmness to the mattress. Moreover, it also gives breathability and bounces effect.

The most distinct aspect of this product is its ability to perform the same ways in both directions. You can flip this mattress and get the benefit in the same way. This feature can help in increasing the lifetime of this mattress.

 All the materials used in this mattress are the CertiPUR-US certified and chemical free.

This Signature Sleep Mattress is 8 inches thick mattress with multiple layers. In its center, it contains a thick coil layer that is its basic structure. However, it comprises contouring foam layers on its top and bottom to give comfort to the sleeper.

It comes equipped with 7 inches thick 15 gauge coil layer that contains independently encased coils. The total number of coils present is 800. Moreover, as it includes comfort layer at ts both sides and reversible coils, you can use this mattress from both sides. 

Both its upper and bottom side can provide the similar feel. In this way, this mattress can serve you for a more extended period. The cover of this mattress is made up of breathable knit fabric that allows the sleeper to stay cool.

This mattress can perform adequately in a variety of surfaces including box spring beds, bunk beds, platform beds, and others. Moreover, a variety of sizes are also available for this mattress.

All foams used in this mattress are Certi-PUR US certified. It means they are safe for its surroundings. As this mattress is delivered compressed in a box, you would need to give it some time to return to its original shape. 

With all its positive reviews, few people have complained about its being too firm. That’s the matter of personal choice. We can see many people looking for a firmer mattress option. However, there is a drawback to this mattress too. It is the absence of edge support. You might feel rolling over while stepping on its edges.

 It is all about signature sleep mattress. You are gaining multiple benefits for such a reasonable price. You can cope with minor problems if low cost is your highest priority.

Points That Can Assist You in Choosing a Right Mattress under 300

There are specific attributes of mattresses that need you thorough consideration. If you pay attention to them, there are high chances that you will be able to get the best mattress while sticking to your budget.

  • Density/durability of the foam

Though many people ignore, density plays a vital role in deciding the longevity of your mattress. There are different density levels available for foams. The one with the density value less than 1.5 PCF is considered less dense. Those foams with density ranges between 1.5 to 1.8 PCF exist in medium ranges. All other foams greater than 1.8 PCF are dense.  

If you purchase the mattress with higher density, it means you have selected the strong product form yourself. 

  • Check for manufacturer’s reputation

It is essential to check for manufacturer's reputation and trustworthiness before buying any product. However, it is particularly crucial when your budget is low, and you want your product to last for the more extended period.

You should check for manufacturer’s authenticity. You may also find many reliable names with high prices. In that case, it is appropriate to go for the option with a bit fewer features but a quality brand name with it. Otherwise, the excellent product with less durability is not going to give much benefit to you.

Moreover, you can see many low-priced sellers are located outside your country. They can be reliable too. But, in case, you would need for repairs, it will be tough to access them for this purpose.

  • See the warranty

Checking the warranty of your mattress is very important. Firstly, it gives you peace of mind for the product’s durability. Furthermore, anything can have defects. Even those with high-profile brand names can also have them. In these cases, the warranty will help you in getting the defect fixed without costing you any money. 

  • Online retailers

For all those people looking for some inexpensive mattresses, online retailers are a life savior. They do sell things at a comparatively lower price than others with the shops.

The case with the mattresses is a bit more facilitating. There are many competitive names in the mattress industry that delivers product directly from company to customers’ house. In this way, the additional charges and commissions deduct from the price.

Also, this direct relationship between manufacturer and customers prevents frauds and other problems. For any complaint, you can directly contact those who manufactured your mattress.

  • Safety check

Many developers when it comes to low-cost products compromise on the safety of the product. They use products that contain harmful chemicals. The same case can happen to your mattress as well. Therefore, it is essential to see for the mattress with the label of Certi-PUR US or Oeko Tex certification. 

These two labels can make you sure about your mattress being safe to be present around you. 

Final Thoughts

If you become successful in purchasing a right type of mattress, it means you have got everything to sleep peacefully. Being a significant part, we always try our best to get the most appropriate mattress.

However, the problem arises when there are budget issues. We can see numerous high-profile mattresses are available in the market. The major trouble is their drastically high price ranges.

In this write-up, we have tried to present you few best mattresses under 300 dollars. All these items are incredibly affordable. Also, they also possess specific features that can make them somehow near to the high-profile mattresses.

Best Mattresses under 300 dollar
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